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Green Thumb has partnered with local organizations to deliver specialized training modules for students in Broward County Schools. Students walk away with hands on experience and a new found understanding of their role within our ecosystem. 

SPH Magnet Program

As education toward future careers expands within the classroom, Magnet Programs provide a critical benefit to students.  With the jobs of the next decade constantly evolving with innovation and technology, Magnet Schools provide a conduit to experts in communities to bring the experience into the classroom. So what can you do if you are a parent or adult with experience to share? Reach out to your local school and participate in their annual career day program and other programs.

Why is this important? When students think about what they want to be when they grow up, they need real examples to draw from. If the only experiences they have are the careers of family members, well that is pretty limiting. There are many STEM and Agriculture careers available focusing on the Environment. With record droughts and new invasive viruses targeting agriculture, careers focused on increasing the efficiency of agricultural production systems and reducing our environmental impact are high demand.  

Weedology 101: Instruction with students at the South Plantation High School Environmental  Magnet Program

A “Garden of Dreams” is Now a Reality at Omni Middle School

Location: Omni Middle School in West Boca

Funding: Grant from Keep Palm Beach Beautiful

Seen in SunSentinel and The School District of Palm Beach County – District News

On October 27, the students of Omni Middle School in Boca Raton welcomed the “Dream Garden” to their campus, provided by Keep Palm Beach County Beautiful (KPBCB), an organization who partners with both public and private entities to adopt environmentally conscious programs and practices. Jeannine Rizzo, of the Wellness Initiative, part of the Dept. of Food Services for the SDPBC, was a central figure in bringing this donation to Omni through the “Garden of Dreams” contest.  

The garden was designed and installed in collaboration by Jeff Nurge of Florida Native Gardening and Janine Griffiths of Green Thumb, Inc. Nurge highlighted the importance that more than 90% of the plants and shrubs were an indigenous species of Florida, and that this same design was to be replicated on many campuses in the future.